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Connected, whole-home sound
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FALL 2023


Zero distortion at any volume

Sonos® is the home sound system: a smart network of wireless speakers that fills your home with pure, immersive sound, room by room.


Play Spotify in the kitchen, a podcast in the bathroom, or the same thing everywhere. The Sonos Home Sound System fills as many rooms as you want with sound. And every Sonos speaker is built to deliver crystal clear sound with zero distortion, at any volume.

Sonos® Play 5


Play 5 Tech Specs

Fills a large room with pure, brilliant sound.

Bold. Pure. Dynamic. Intense. With deep bass that packs a punch.

Uncompromised sound whether vertical or horizontal.

Convenient, ultra-responsive top panel touch controls.

Line-in. Plug in any device you desire.

Streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call.

Connect Sonos to an Amazon Echo or Dot, then simply request the music you love.

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